Shake up the dress code!

Dressing well with style and flair isn’t that hard.

Not if you know how. Garment House designs and manufactures unique collections and individual garments for business customers who want a bit of extra flair. With our steadfast focus on sustainability, we offer solutions that are kind to the wearer and the environment. We take up the slack when traditional branded apparel simply doesn’t meet your expectations for creativity, quality and brand management. When your vision goes beyond the standard and you long for something all your own.


Garment House is your specialist in unique branded apparel and work clothes for businesses and organisations with a strong visual identity. We work exclusively with well-known retailers of corporate branded products. Our assignments include everything from entire corporate collections to individual garments and problem-solving for our customers. We help you to bring your and your customers’ ideas to life. If you want, we can design a completely new creation for you and your customer, but we’re also happy to produce existing design concepts that don’t fit into the standardised branded collections. Clothes from Garment House are a well-kept secret among the market’s more exclusive brands, but we also serve many smaller, discerning companies who know the importance of standing out with a unique look. What they all have in common is that they want to express – and therefore also demand – a bit of extra flair.


Creativity and the perfect level of fashion are the hallmarks of collections and garments from Garment House. With our expertise in design, materials and pattern creation, we create superior custom clothing. All of our materials are the highest quality from local and European suppliers, giving us full freedom to create using all kinds of labels, embroideries, ribbons and appliqués. We can place your logo or other decorative elements exactly where you want, with no limitations due to production constraints. We also make sure not to limit you to standard colours – you can have your garments in the precise colours in your corporate visual identity.


We choose to focus on sustainability in everything we do. Our perspective is that good design and quality materials last, thus contributing to reduced consumption and lower environmental impact. The majority of our garments are manufactured in Portugal. Our suppliers are not only skilled at their crafts, they also have access to materials and processes that are environmentally certified. Garments can be made of organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel. We follow all European environmental and health and safety regulations. All this ensures that we have full control over the production process and can offer shorter transports. Good news for us, you and the end customer!


Owner and creator Thomas Svensson has a solid background in branded garments as well as Swedish fashion – including a history as a purchaser at Texet and H&M. Having worked with branded clothing for three decades, Thomas is an expert on the process involved. Creativity and professionalism suffuse his work.


Selected manufacturers, primarily in Portugal, make all our garments. This allows us to work with large and small series, whatever the customer needs. Above all, it gives us freedom in our designs and the opportunity to ensure top quality. Having our ‘own’ production lets us exceed expectations for the final product and offer high delivery assurance as well as short lead times. Even in small series, the results are always perfect down to the smallest detail. For longer series, we can also offer production at hand-picked quality suppliers in China that focus on green processes.


We create our designs on direct commission from leading companies in the industry.